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It's definitely time I updated this site. I will redraft the content over the next few weeks and add pictures from the EDC. We will also add pictures from various drift days around the South East. Carref have offered some useful car tuning and modication articles.

Drifting is the new motor sport already taking the UK by storm. We have compiled this site to be your first port of call for drift news, events and car setup tips.

Please bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates. If you have any photographs of your car drifting we would love to feature these around the site.

By joining the tuning forums you will meet another 26,000+ other car enthusiasts and get model specific tuning tips.

You can read the 'real history' of drifting here.

"If you're out of control you're a moron. Drifting is all about staying IN control and throwing some radical angles."

We have a list of the youtube drifting video clips available here.


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